” A very valuable day – both the theory and the practical elements of the Loading course were superb – I thought I knew enough about loading to get by. How wrong I was! Highly recommended to anyone!” – R.D   (Level II Loading Course, September 2011)

“The instructors were superb and I took to rifle handling and shooting accurately in no time at all! 10 out of 10!”  J.B  (Level 1 Rifle, October 2011)

“The course was very practical. I had been to a village hall and attended a ‘loading’ course run by another organisation, but we did not even lay our hands on a gun! This was well run, the instructors really know their stuff – Highly recommended. If you load for Guns during the Season, this is a ‘must do’ course.”  D.S  (Level II Loading Course, February 2012)

” I was not sure if it was the Blaser .308, but Alastair had me shooting tiny groups at 100 metres in no time. I really did learn a lot, thank you!”  J.C  (Level 1 Rifle, June 2012)

“Very positive feedback from Green Watch – an enjoyable day and a lot learned, thank you very much!”

Stobart London Southend Airport, July 2015.

“Thanks for all you have done for my team, the feedback was excellent and the chance for you to look over our equipment and cast a professional eye on it was most helpful.” Cornwall Newquay Airport June 2016.

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